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Unaware is a film short that intertwines the story themes from The Sixth Sense The Preachers Wife  & Heaven is for Real. You meet a single mom struggling with her career and relationships. Her small child tries to give her hope and light but unaware, she ignores the child’s attempts.

Prompted by Angelic beings the child one day shares information that they could not have known and the mother is finally able to see & hear the Help that’s been with her all along.


Written & Directed by Nicolle M Whalen


STARRING Sarah Harris | Larry Greene | Imani R. Green | Alexandra Anaya Green | Aly Eaton


ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS  Kamal Bolden | Asha Iman | Joshua Green | Alexander Christian


SOUND  Erick Williams

SET DESIGN  Shelia Mc Kelvey

MUSIC Mike Gallahger & Epidemic Sound

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